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Please call our qualified Mortgage Originators for an appointment.

Anoel Kelly
Director of Financial Services/Assistant Credit Union Manager
MLO #803606
877-378-6466 Ext. 111

Rob White
Director of IT and Lending
MLO #803701
877-378-6466 Ext. 115

Cindy Douglas
Loan Officer
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The following is a list of the information you will need to bring with you when you return the completed application and would be helpful at the consultation:

  • Names, addresses, and account numbers for all creditors and depositors.

  • Pay stubs covering the most recent 30-day period.

  • W-2's for the previous two years.

  • Federal tax returns (all schedules) for the last two years

  • Two months of the most recent bank statements, for non LCU accounts, for savings, checking, and investment accounts (including retirement accounts) not held at LCU. Please include all pages of your statements.

  • Copy of separation agreement/divorce decree to verify child support and/or alimony received, supply six months payment history.

  • Name, address, and telephone number of your current landlord or twelve months of cancelled rent checks.

  • Purchase offer, signed by all parties, and seller disclosure.

For a refinance also include:

  • The abstract of title, most recent survey map, paid tax receipts, a copy of homeowner's insurance and endorsement page, a copy of current deed and a copy of the title insurance policy.

Currently the processing time to closing is approximately 8 weeks. The items listed above are required to process the loan and assure a timely closing.

Please advise us of which attorney, along with his or her phone number, you wish to use, as soon as possible.

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